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How was our communication?


    "Breeder communication (including weekly updates and video/photos) was excellent.  Planning for selection, pick up... was very well organized and executed."  Mike N.

    "Great communication and flexible with meetings, phone calls and texts."  Sarah M.

    "The communication between Amy and myself was so easy.  I felt very comfortable asking questions and chatting about the puppies characteristics."  Dona B.


Knowledge of Vizslas and assistance in puppy picking:

    "We have experience with the breed, but it was clear the breeder understood the type of environment and life style the breed needs for both people and puppy to be happy and worked hard to make sure the fit was right.  We were over 1,000 miles away making the puppy selection process difficult.  The breeder gave their recommendations based on the puppy characteristics we were looking for and made the extra effort to set up a video conference for us to monitor and make the final selection.  We couldn't be happier with our pup."  Mike N.

How was your overall experience?

    "Amazing, Amy, Aaron and their children are very kind and genuine.  The puppy folder, per my K-9 trainer, was very thorough--she commented several times how she was impressed."  Dona B.

    "Excellent - the entire process was professional and positive.  Puppies are well cared for and socialized."  Mike N.

    "Fantastic! As a side note, Aaron is a dog trainer who is extremely knowledgeable and helped us after we had our puppy home.  What more could we ask for?"  Steve and Darlene B.

Would you recommend us to others?

    "Yes I would!  I have already given your web address to an airline attendant who currently owns a vizsla and a church volunteer."  Dona B.

    "Absolutely - this is a responsible and quality breeder."  Mike N.

    "I would highly recommend Big Red Vizslas.  Amy and Aaron are honest, good people who are knowledgeable and loving.  The puppies are raised within their family environment, which helped make an easy transition into our home. We live in Nevada and had to fly in to pick up our puppy.  When we met our little girl she was bathed and ready to travel.  Amy gave us advice on what to expect in the upcoming months.  From the initial contact, to final delivery - everything was perfect!"  Steve and Darlene B.

If you are a hunter, how did you find their hunting ability as they got older?

    "She retrieved 3 birds (at 16 weeks old). Our friend Steve was impressed by her ability to retrieve with a soft mouth leaving no marks at all. She also was very proud to deliver it to my husband across the field. She is not a fan of the water just yet but we are working on it. She also went leash free the entire weekend and came when called she didn’t flinch at the gun range or the sound of the guns during the hunting trip, in fact she fell asleep. She loves dogs of all sizes."    Dona B.

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