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Dog Training

Life with a new puppy not what you thought?


Aaron has been a professional dog trainer for several years, including training dogs for a large law enforcement agency, hunting training, basic obedience and even severe behavior problems.

Not only does he love dogs, he understands them.  And better yet, he takes the time to understand their owners.

We offer our puppy customers a discount.  Visit our website for more information.

Here's what puppy customer Darlene B. had to say about our training:

     "Aaron is great! We have a high energy puppy that we needed help with. We had a training session with Aaron about her puppy biting. He gave us advice which created a drastic change in behavior in just 24-48 hrs. We then had another session to help us with her house/potty training. Again, the advice and guidance was spot on. "Penny" was like a different puppy within a day. So many new puppy owners go through the same challenges that we did, but Aaron was able to work with us and give concrete examples of what to do and say to guide us in the process. Not only is Aaron great with dogs and puppies, he also knows how to work with people. You cannot go wrong with this combination.  We are fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Aaron and Dog Training for the Good Life.

5 Stars to Aaron and his special skillset!"


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